Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1 Math And Physics Club : Jimmy Had A Polaroid
2 Tender Trap : Do You Want A Boyfriend?
3 M J Hibbett & The Validators : Do The Indie Kid
4 Walking Floors : No Next Time
5 Plastics : Copy
6 Dubious Brothers : South America Welcomes The Nazis
7 Really 3rds : Everyday Everyway
8 Plastics : Robot
9 Tunnelrunners : Plastic Land
10 Ethnobabes : Television Song
11 Single Factor : Fresh On Her Lips
12 Tunnelrunners : Forever Crying At Love Songs
13 Bubblegum Lemonade : Caroline's Radio
14 Rogers Sisters : Les Fantaisies Sont Bien
15 Bluetrain : Land Of Gold
16 Velocette : Get Yourself Together
17 Liechtenstein : This Must Be Heaven
18 Orange : Judy Over The Rainbow
19 Felt Tips : Lifeskills
20 Escorts : Bingo

Green numbers indicate new entries.

EYE ON EBAY-----Shizzzzzzzz

Shit or any other expletive you wish to employ. Here we have the first release on the Tuzmadoner label, the wonderfully oblique Shish ep featuring Royston and The Different Eyes. I managed to persuade the girlfriend that this was an essential purchase at a record fair last year; that it would make a fine christmas present and at £100 would also be a bargain. She stumped up the cash, I purchased the record and then watched it leap from its sleeve and roll hurriedly across the floor. It was a mirthless moment until I retrieved it and found it unscathed. Don't think she was convinced it was a bargain but now look at this, Hypstr66 sells it for £163.


EYE ON EBAY------Most expensive postcard

I can remember when the Zoot Alors single used to tickle the heels of a hundred pound bill, these days it barely hurdles over a fifty pound note, this copy sold by Tinker-belle 16 grew tired at £56.19.


EYE ON EBAY----Most expensive cinema

My information on the Odeons is zero. It's on Ellie Jay though which ensures it a reasonably high level of interest. Couple that with the fact that Modboy is selling it and any hopes of a bargain soon evaporate. Has sold for £51 in the past, this time it sells for £83.


EYE ON EBAY----Wake up computer

The computer fell asleep when I tried to bid on the Sleepers single. Immortalized on Teenage Treats with Angel In A Raincoat, one of the tracks on this four track ep, seller Modboy hauled in a grand total of £122.99. This has often sold for half that so perhaps I should be grateful for my lazy computer in those final crucial seconds.