Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 21


Has the world gone mad? Or is it that the glorious city of Norwich inspires a boundless love? The cult of Alan Partridge has hypnotized the nation and now all that emanates from Norwich must be investigated. So this comp, Welcome To Norwich-A Fine City, excited somebody enough to part with £124. And who wouldn't be excited by the Higsons, Happy Few, Mohair Twins and Screen 3? I could certainly get mildly intrigued by Screen 3 who have released a couple of decent singles but I'd not untangle more than a few fivers to sate my curiosity. Anyway apropos of very little I'd just like to say that Norwich is one of my favourite cities and was once home to a very fine record collecting person, Jeanette Leech. And though she no longer resides there it is still a fine city with two or three decent record shops.