Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------On the Razorcuts edge

The Cinematic's one and only single was released in June 1982 and featured two founding members of the Razorcuts, Gregory Webster and Tim Vass. It came out on the Pulsebeat label which was based in Luton. A tweeful example of Postcard-like pop the outstanding track is Puffa Train. The girlfriend bought me this single for £50 at the London November record fair several years back. It dragged itself past that total by £1. In the past it has sold for over £90 so I claim this a bargain sale.


Monday, June 29, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Secondhand Escort is a nice little earner

I'm in a fug of bewilderment. Who were the Escorts? Their single on Rainbow Sound burned rubber to the tune of £137. Do any of my faithful followers know anything about this bunch? They've got me in a wheel spin.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Nobody interested in this Po! release on Spain's auspicious Elefant label so I snap it up for its starting price of £4.99. My Po! collection may now be complete but they were p(r)olific and hawked their goods all over the indie universe so there could be another release I'm unaware of on some label like Rutland Water or Farmyard Collectables.



1 Indifferent Dance Centre : Flight And Pursuit
2 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
3 Shitbirds : Oh Joy
4 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
5 Proles : Thought Crime?
6 McCluskey Brothers : She Said To The Driver
7 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Pacific Trash Vortex
8 Camera Obscura : French Navy
9 Dolly Mixture : New Look Baby
10 Man From Delmonte : Like A Millionaire
11 Eggstone : Bubblebed
12 Nine Steps To Ugly : Bobby Charlton's Haircut
13 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
14 Mary-Go-Round : Fill My Head
15 Grout : Fast Cars
16 Fontaines : Bernadette
17 Sneakers : Ruby
18 Nine Steps To Ugly : Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
19 Northern Portrait : Crazy
20 Fontaines : I Want Everything

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 25

EYE ON EBAY------A plea to Mr.Costello.

The Zipps' Don't Tell The Detectives surges over the £350 mark. The seller advised interested punters to check out Popsike where potential buyers would either be dumbstruck or feign nonchalance. After visiting Popsike those with a spare £200 might have been sanguine about their chances but in the auction's closing minutes their optimism would have drained away.


Monday, June 22, 2009

EYE ON EBAY----Children's version of a Gang Of Four classic?

Once upon a time this Pipettes single could shatter the £30 mark, now it just licks its undercarriage. Indie's answer to the Crystals have been quiet of late, have they hung up their polka dot dresses for good? I await the day I find I Love A Boy In A Uniform in MVE for a fiver.



1 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
2 Proles : Thought Crime?
3 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
4 Indifferent Dance Centre : Flight And Pursuit
5 Eggstone : Bubblebed
6 Nine Steps To Ugly : Bobby Charlton's Haircut
7 Man From Delmonte : Like A Millionaire
8 Camera Obscura : French Navy
9 Mary-Go-Round : Fill My Head
10 McCluskey Brothers : She Said To The Driver
11 Grout : Fast Cars
12 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
13 Shitbirds : Oh Joy
14 Fontaines : Bernadette
15 Nine Steps To Ugly : Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
16 Sneakers : Ruby
17 Fontaines : I Want Everything
18 Northern Portrait : Crazy
19 Help Stamp Out Loneliness : Pacific Trash Vortex
20 Loch Ness Mouse : Vespa 50

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-------Countdown to a bargain.

The Stereotypes ultra rarity was brought to my attention by the man behind the blog Junk Box Jury. I missed it being listed so he sent me the details of its sale a few days ago. I expected a wild sum to be flung at it but it went for a modest £200. Would I have bid beyond that? Probably not even though I imagined it would graze the £500 mark.



1 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
2 Proles : Thought Crime
3 Nine Steps To Ugly : Bobby Charlton's Haircut
4 Eggstone : Bubblebed
5 Camera Obscura : French Navy
6 Mary-Go-Round : Fill My Head
7 Grout : Fast Cars
8 Fontaines : Bernadette
9 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
10 Hardy Boys : Fifteen
11 Sneakers : Ruby
12 Nine Steps To Ugly : Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
13 Man From Delmonte : Like A Millionaire
14 Desk : Astronauts
15 Loch Ness Mouse : Vespa 50
16 Fontaines : I Want Everything
17 Northern Portrait : Crazy
18 Sarah Goes Shopping : Yet Another Song About "Love And Peace"
19 Minisnap : Whistler
20 Je Suis Animal : Painted In My Face

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Absent from the holy text.

An oversight by Mr.45 Revs. According to the seller this single by the Sweeney is a punky effort released in 1979 but it is absent from the 45 Revs tome. I'm thinking the seller is at fault here with some incorrect info but if not perhaps a rewrite is on the cards. Only sold for a paltry fiver.


EYE ON EBAY----Return of oxfam glam.

Those scamps in cast-offs Dolly Mixture appear again, this time represented by their wonderful LP. An improvement on its last performance it stretched provocatively up to £100. My extra copy is for sale at £80.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IMPOSSIBLE DREAMERS-------They liked libraries

This single was recorded on January 7th 1980 thereby missing any critical appraisal from Mr.45 Revs. Books Books Books, the stand out track is, freakishly, a tribute to words rounded up and herded onto pages of books. This first release on Merciful Release shone a light on four fine songs of unrefined charm plus one throwaway track. The Impossible Dreamers was Caroline on vocals, Nick on guitar and vocals, Justin on bass, Colin on guitar and Simon on drums with various guests contributing handclaps.

The first three named held the group together for most of the eighties. Though they never got within a "now then, now then" of the charts they deserve a cigar for tenacity.

In 1982 they released Life On Earth, a Y (label) reg excursion into post punk. B side Spin was apparently a dance sensation in a club in New York. In 1984 came This House Built On Sand, a bright zingy number they could have stolen from the Bhundu Boys. In 1985 came August Avenue, a Johnny Marr production, which was a pleasant, if rather anaemic, pop effort.

By now RCA had extended a corporate hand and in either 1986 or 1987 they released one of their strongest singles, Say Goodbye To No One, which was stuffed with drama courtesy of Abbaesque piano and Caroline's sky-skidding vocals.

impossible dreamers books.mp3 -

EYE ON EBAY-------Clog rock.

Dutch punk I am completely ignorant of ensures Lpman can put a down payment on a small windmill. The Squats, who?


EYE ON EBAY-------You better shape up.

Lpman returns with a single by the Squares, a band of minor interest. This is the original issue of No Fear on Airebeat before Sire scooped them up and they re-recorded it to meet a no better fate than its predecessor. I picked up the second version in an Oxford charity shop a few years ago. These shapes shifted for a few pounds short of £40.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Someone left the crypt open.

Another Thing From The Crypt crawled out again. It had sold for a much higher sum a few days before. An example of the law of diminishing returns. If anyone else is planning to sell this I suggest you keep the crypt padlocked for six months.


EYE ON EBAY----Missing Lynx

Highly sought after this single by Lynx scaled the financial heights plateauing out at £277. This is the second time it has appeared on ebay in recent months. Only 500 pressed.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Caught by the Buzz.

Redball records found Shrewsbury's finest feral youth and encouraged them to wreak musical havoc on this first release. The Buzz would return with slightly different personnel to record an LP in 1981 called Asylum.


EYE ON EBAY-----Dr.Who's deadly foe seeks new home.

Dumb punk of the finest kind. Has been no.1 on the Dalek's planet for thirty years. Only singles by Dalek I Love You and Dalek Beach Party have dared to challenge its superiority but they have all been exterminated. This is the Art Attacks single I Am A Dalek which sold for £30+, probably not to a Cyberman.


EYE ON EBAY-----Japanese seller giving a little back

Here are a few powerpoppers presently residing in Japan although they are all about to go travelling. I have not heard this single by the Neat but it fetched a tidy sum.

I've been tempted by the Extras effort before but never had the courage to bid blind (meaning I've never heard it). Always seems to generate interest but sold for a mild £31 this time.


And finally the classic Your I's Are Too Close Together by the Elevators. I have the A side on a comp but is the B side any good?
Sold for an extremely low price due to the sleeve being a xerox copy.


Cutbacks in the household have dictated harsh decisions have had to be made. Only ensnare the extremely intriguing or the most wanted. Applying the former rule I cornered an opponent and dealt them a fatal blow. Having discovered this Cindy And The Barbi Dolls/Young Marble Giants hybrid I could not approach this auction in a listless manner. Indifferent Dance Centre was from Chichester and released this single in 1982. I am unaware of any other releases.



I made sure the winner of the Beyond The Implode single delved deep to claim their reward. This was their second release which is almost as desirable as their first. They have recently released a new single should you wish to subject yourself to their peculiar slice of sloppy genius.



1 Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
2 Camera Obscura : French Navy
3 Nine Steps To Ugly : Bobby Charlton's Haircut
4 Fontaines : Bernadette
5 Grout : Fast Cars
6 Desk : Astronauts
7 Sneakers : Ruby
8 Josie Cotton : Johnny Are You Queer?
9 Nine Steps To Ugly : Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
10 Eggstone : Bubblebed
11 Mary-Go-Round : Fill My Head
12 Fontaines : I Want Everything
13 Proles : Thought Crime
14 Loch Ness Mouse : Vespa 50
15 Northern Portrait : Crazy
16 Minisnap : Whistler
17 Sarah Goes Shopping : Yet Another Song About "Love And Peace"
18 Hermit Crabs : Flaxen-Haired Boy
19 Anti Social : Traffic Lights
20 Je Suis Animal : Painted In My Face

Green numbers indicate new entries.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EYE ON EBAY----Monster emerges carrying casio.

The Another Thing From The Crypt comp hauls in a £100+ for the seller. One of those comps where I suspect a lot of the bands ( features Jesus Couldn't Drum, Vertical Hold, Sleeping Pictures and Silent Race) make music consisting of bleeps, burps and boops. In the name of experimentation many crimes were committed against music.