Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------On the Razorcuts edge

The Cinematic's one and only single was released in June 1982 and featured two founding members of the Razorcuts, Gregory Webster and Tim Vass. It came out on the Pulsebeat label which was based in Luton. A tweeful example of Postcard-like pop the outstanding track is Puffa Train. The girlfriend bought me this single for £50 at the London November record fair several years back. It dragged itself past that total by £1. In the past it has sold for over £90 so I claim this a bargain sale.



Low Down Kids said...

Me like. It's not quite "Heaven's Above" or (esp.) "Something To Do", but it's certainly a good bridger from DIY-punk to C86.

martin said...

Ha, that was my copy that sold for over £90. It came to me in a swap with Dave Wilson for a Cult Hero 7" that I picked up the previous week for 10p at the Camden Record & Tape... ah, happy days! :-)

Rupert Cook said...

It's one of those records that one imagines will always sell for nearly £100, like the Harrison single, so it's surprising to see it go for so little especially as it rarely turns up on ebay.

Still after the Buba and the Shop Assistants single.