Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EYE ON EBAY----Raising the temperature

Rough Trade-based fun with the unsettling sounds of This Heat and their 1981 experimental extravaganza Deceit. Despite the sleeve looking scuffed this attracted expensive interest with one determined bidder taking the prize for a magnificent £137.29.

EYE ON EBAY-----Tiny seller tidies up

An astonishing £64 is paid for Liliput's Rough Trade LP. I know someone who picked this up for under a tenner at a record fair about three years ago, much to my chagrin as I wanted it myself.

Not so desirable, it seems, is their other LP Some Songs which rewarded the same seller with a paltry £22.23.

EYE ON EBAY-----Friday on my mind

The influence of the Two Tone label was ebbing by the time of this release by Friday Club which is a frequent visitor to ebay but not often in the 12" format. The final sale price was £57. The much rarer What Is Soul single has attained as much as four times that. I picked up my 7" of the former in an Oxfam in Huddersfield.