Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Want to mourn the modern world? Try the Isle of Wight, that undisturbed splodge beneath the knee of England, where a thick patina of the past prevents the present from imposing its empty gloss upon it. Home also to the Pumphouse Gang and Trixie's Big Red Motorbike, artistes that may as well have been based on the Falklands for all their influence on the mainland. Equally ignored, despite a convivial letter addressed to Go! Discs tucked inside the sleeve of my copy of their single, was The Attic, hopefully not named after the Adrian Gurvitz non-classic Classic. Little information is given on the sleeve. All three songs, The Final Thrill, Excuse To The World and The Cradle, appear to be originals written by the mysterious triumvirate of Arnell, Adams and Beasley.

The single was recorded in the summer of 1987 and came out on Picnic records.

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