Friday, May 2, 2008


An ebayer called Burghskin parts with £452 for a rare punk record by a band called the Rebels. The A side is called Suicide which would be my option if the girlfriend ever found out I spent that much on one 7" single. It's on Rigid records, probably the band's own label, and the seller says there were only 250 pressed. He bought it in a shop in Sunderland in 1980, the year it was released. Some of the Rebels went on to play in Red Alert.


One second to go and I snatch a 12" by Fragile Friends. It was all down to my keyboard summer school course that made me so fleet of finger. This record rarely appears on ebay and when it does hearts quiver with excitement, at least among the three or four who have it high on their wants lists. A 7" by them has yet to surface and when it does expect pulses to pulsate.