Friday, May 2, 2008


An ebayer called Burghskin parts with £452 for a rare punk record by a band called the Rebels. The A side is called Suicide which would be my option if the girlfriend ever found out I spent that much on one 7" single. It's on Rigid records, probably the band's own label, and the seller says there were only 250 pressed. He bought it in a shop in Sunderland in 1980, the year it was released. Some of the Rebels went on to play in Red Alert.


James D said...

The bloke who sold the Rebels 7" must have made a tidy sum this past week. He was also selling other North East punk things like the 1st Red Alert 7", both Disorder's (the Sunderland ones), Crime in a PS and some other nice stuff.

Meanwhile I was bidder 9 on another seller's Horrorcomic "Jesus Crisis" single. My £270 (not far short of my weekly wage!) was £150 less than bidder 8's max. I was both disappointed and relieved at the same time. Still, bidder 8 must have been gutted to lose to 'mailmurder' from Finland with 5 seconds to go.

I want that Horrorcomic record!!!!

Rupert Cook said...

James, you probably know that Horrorcomic have a CD compilation which should still be available. It's called England '77 and Jesus Crisis features.

Maybe Bidder 8 felt the same way you did.

James D said...

Yeah, I have the Horrorcomic CD, but you can't beat having an original 7". I don't make a habit of high bids like that, I'm more of a bargain hunter.

Rupert Cook said...

I completely understand. I've been after the Evening Outs single for many years. I dread to think what I'd pay for it if it surfaced on ebay.

According to Popsike it was on ebay several years back before I was ebaying. It sold for around £60.

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