Saturday, December 4, 2010


Some vampiric vinyl collector, possibly located east of Vladivostok, snatched the Candy Ranch single from me in the dying seconds of the auction. Reasoning that the last time this sold it stuttered around the £65 mark I was a little complacent and therefore had to suffer miseries as this went elsewhere for the steep sum of £173. It's very likely I'll have to wait another four years before this reappears. Released around late eighties/nineties on Tumak & Sons records in a picture sleeve with a shunter adorning it Section 58/Screaming Nutter trundled down a branch line to nowhere and remained neglected in some abandoned sidings, only a few collectors interested in jotting down its number.


Due to technical diffilculties with the home computer I have neglected the blog. For the few who follow this self-indulgent exercise I offer my sympathies; surely your lives are not so lacking in enrichment you can't go elsewhere for your pleasures? Be that as it may if I offer but one being a miniscule of fulfillment I feel absurdly humbled. If not, carry on without me as you have for the last month or so.