Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IMPOSSIBLE DREAMERS-------They liked libraries

This single was recorded on January 7th 1980 thereby missing any critical appraisal from Mr.45 Revs. Books Books Books, the stand out track is, freakishly, a tribute to words rounded up and herded onto pages of books. This first release on Merciful Release shone a light on four fine songs of unrefined charm plus one throwaway track. The Impossible Dreamers was Caroline on vocals, Nick on guitar and vocals, Justin on bass, Colin on guitar and Simon on drums with various guests contributing handclaps.

The first three named held the group together for most of the eighties. Though they never got within a "now then, now then" of the charts they deserve a cigar for tenacity.

In 1982 they released Life On Earth, a Y (label) reg excursion into post punk. B side Spin was apparently a dance sensation in a club in New York. In 1984 came This House Built On Sand, a bright zingy number they could have stolen from the Bhundu Boys. In 1985 came August Avenue, a Johnny Marr production, which was a pleasant, if rather anaemic, pop effort.

By now RCA had extended a corporate hand and in either 1986 or 1987 they released one of their strongest singles, Say Goodbye To No One, which was stuffed with drama courtesy of Abbaesque piano and Caroline's sky-skidding vocals.

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Low Down Kids said...

'Throwaway'? You couldn't mean the glorious "Timing Problem", could you? Outrageous! I've posted it at my blog thing today...

Rupert Cook said...
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Rupert Cook said...

Ah,I like to stoke up controversy.It has a timing problem, it's too short. If it was a minute longer it would be as good as something by Nancy Sesay.