Monday, June 22, 2009

EYE ON EBAY----Children's version of a Gang Of Four classic?

Once upon a time this Pipettes single could shatter the £30 mark, now it just licks its undercarriage. Indie's answer to the Crystals have been quiet of late, have they hung up their polka dot dresses for good? I await the day I find I Love A Boy In A Uniform in MVE for a fiver.


Worthless Trash said...

The last I heard, one of them (maybe two?) had left and been replaced.

bristolboy said...

picked this up for (I think) a quid a couple of years ago in virgin records (before the zavi debacle)or was it fopp ah memories - lack of 'em

Rupert Cook said...

I think one of them is in a band called the Indelicates and another one has gone solo.