Monday, July 7, 2008


Detour Records are shedding some of their treasured punk 7"'s this week. I've been on the trail of Llygod Ffyrnig's NCB for several years now. I know it's been reissued but I want the original picture cover. Detour listed it and stirred up much anxious activity. It soon soared past the £100 mark. I was left adrift long before that and could only watch jealously as Pop2289 scooped it up for a meagre £135. I'm off to Cob Records in Wales next month and imagining it will be waiting for me there for half the price. It's a dream but we collectors gnaw daily on our dreams until they are disjointed hallucinatory threads...........................................


Yn goch fel gwaed said...

I can get a white label copy with picture cover signed by all members of the band.
What is that worth?

Rupert Cook said...

Delving into past posts I notice this from yn goch fel gwaed. Sorry about my slow response but the girlfriend has been poorly of late and I've been a bit distracted.

Put it on ebay and watch the bids bounce. I'd be surprised if it didn't accrue £125.