Thursday, September 24, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------V's V's Me

After driving 4,000 miles around Europe in two weeks I'm too exhausted to invite controversy so I'm certain there's a legitimate explanation as to why this single by the Chevrons fails to meet the necessary criteria to award it a place in 45 Revs. The seller, the reliable Hypstr 66, claims it was released in 1979. Yet to sell, he has it at a buy it now price of £120.


bristolboy said...

It's not in Mario's book as it was released in 1980 go to

for some more info on them

sindy's got an action man is a nice slab of male/female vocal powerpop just ask & I'll send an mp3
my sleeve is different to the one shown (drawing of a female face)- so an earlier/later pressing anyone know?

Rupert Cook said...

I'd love an MP3 Bristolboy. I knew it was the seller at fault and not Mario. Twas ever thus.