Friday, September 25, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Oil price highest rise in history

What Is Oil? indeed. This must be the very best grade. This single rarely bruises the £20 mark. I've seen it sell on ebay twice and I won it the second time for about £16. And yet some maniac pays £93.55 for it. This highlights the insanity of ebay. Seller Modboy 1 has an impeccable ebay history and anything he sells usually generates a flurry of interest but he must have been overcome with glee when he raked in nearly £100 for this decidedly average effort.


martin said...

I've always wondered how modboy can assert that these obscurities are 'unplayed' or 'played once'... how can he really know that for sure... surely he can't have owned them all from new...?

Rupert Cook said...

He used to help out J.Peel and worked in radio for many years. Maybe he had two copies of these singles, selling the mint ones. No doubt he would have had many of them sent to him by bands.