Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Like Dolly Mixture on fags

Modboy1 claimed that Spirit Level sounded like Dolly Mixture and that may have been enough of a prod to push this over the £70 mark. The sleeve would have one thinking they were perhaps more rocky than that, but then only Peters & Lee could be less rocky than the Dollies, and with a song called Cigarette World and a singer in trousers so shiny and tight even Olivia Newton John would have gasped I suspect they could hold their own on a boozy night in the Dublin Castle.



bristolboy said...

cigarette world is ok the b-side is a bit lame - picked this up on e-bay a few months back for a lot less (just proves some sellers tastes are trusted more than others)
mp3's are on their way

Rupert Cook said...

Almost anything Modboy sells fetches the highest possible price, often the highest impossible price, if that makes sense!