Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 10


James D said...

Some nice records on show here!

My copy of the Soup Dragons EP comes with a foldout picture sleeve but not the fanzine. There's rumoured to be 1,000 of these pressed and it was intended as the Soupies official debut, but never was. Subway gave them away through various sources including that fanzine.

Did you get that Charlie Drake "Super Punk" mp3 I emailed you?

Rupert Cook said...

I have just enjoyed Charlie's foray into punk. Thanks for sending it. I found one of his singles in a charity shop in Torbay or Torquay, somewhere in Devon, a few years ago and I have no idea where it's vanished to. I can't even remember which one it was except that it was from the 60's.

That Soup Dragons single cost my girlfriend £30. I discovered them when they released Whole Wide World, that was a top tune.