Friday, July 11, 2008


These I want, must own:

Evening Outs : Channel
Keen : Feline Groovy
Book 'Em Danno : Papa's Got A Brand New Disease
Deadly Toys : Nice Weather
Hardy Boys : Wonderful Lie
Tin Openers : Set Me Free
Beyond The Implode : Last Thoughts

That's the tip of a very deep iceberg which, despite global warming, refuses to melt.
Some C86 related stuff and some punky glory, that 45 Revolutions book is a dangerous
tome to own. The Evening Outs is highlighted as I want it most of all.
Anyone got any of these they want to sell?


Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled on your blog after doing my monthly google of "Evening Outs" Channel. To No avail, of cousre. We'll never find that record, you know...

Good to find your site though. Some interesting stuff here, of course. Hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Hey- I've just been sent along to your blog as someone spotted the references to my old band The Hardy Boys- nice to see folk still remember us and, oddly, want to pay £350 for our 12 "!

Anyway, you may like my new band Spy Movie's indiepop charms at

Johnny White

Francis said...

Did you ever find the Book 'Em Danno 12"?

My housemate used to own it (and was friends with one of the band) I had Eighties Hero on tape but lost it years ago - would love to hear it again.

Ciaran Mac Giolla Uidir said...

Book 'em Danno were borne out of the ashes of The dilemmas. I was the drummer in The Dilemmas, and Phil and Alex from The dils went on to form BED with Nick and Dave. I've got a copy if you want to buy it.
Unfortunately, I'm aware of what it goes for, but if you're interested, get in touch.
Cheers, Kieran