Thursday, December 10, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Bunch of failed liars.

The seller kindly gave bidders a listen and I liked what I heard. This is Society and their single Can't Hide A Lie. A rousing roistering punky number released in 1980, apparently without a picture sleeve. Sold for its starting price of £30.82 and I'm regretting not chucking £40 at it.


Worthless Trash said...

That is good. I might have been tempted to put down £40.50. Bass man Leigh's later band The Price were responsible for perhaps the greatest post-1984 punk record with "Between The Lies".

Rupert Cook said...

I know the Price were well thought of but I never really delved deeply into punky sounds circa 1984. Might be my loss.

Worthless Trash said...

The Price was actually 1990, I think. Their mini-LP is good too. Nice melodic late 70's sound.