Thursday, December 10, 2009


1 Different Eyes : Uncomfortable
2 Girls At Dawn : Every Night
3 Different Eyes : Open The Box
4 Love Train : Rags To Riches To Rags
5 Beware The Dog : Nasty Things
6 Royston : Snake's Song
7 Royston : Gerald's Eyes
8 Dislocation Dance : Violette
9 Up And Running : Johnny And Marie
10 Allo, Darlin : Henry Rollins Don't Dance
11 Read All Over : Outside To The Other World
12 Black And White Lovers : Best Years Of Our Lives
13 Chosen : Sound Of The Dream
14 Corvettes : Love To Hate You
15 Point : My Mind
16 Don't Ask : Destiny
17 New Walk : Pressure Point
18 Life Support : About You
19 A Classic Education : Best Regards
20 35 Summers : I Didn't Try

Green numbers indicate new entries.


Worthless Trash said...

Is the Black & White Lovers record a cover of the Modern Romance song? hope not!

Rupert Cook said...

Ha,ha. Certainly not. There are really irrational times in my life when Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey rumbles menacingly around my head. What the hell does that title mean?

Worthless Trash said...

I asked Geoff Deane about Modern Romance. He said they were just young guys having a laugh. Much to the annoyance of Blue Rondo who were doing the same thing in a more serious way.

Rupert Cook said...

I remember Blue Rondo but vaguely. They scraped the nether regions of the chart back in the early 80's but I can't say I recall them with much affection.

martin briars said...

Black and white lovers were an 80S indie band in Manchester... pre Madchester days.
All the songs were self-composed, including teh best years of our lives which was released as an indie single in 1986.