Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of these infamous Top Of The Pops LP's sold for a £100 on ebay. Not this canary-coloured effort. The girl isn't in a bikini, that's a pound off its sale price. These LP's were the sole reason for teenage acne in the seventies.


James D said...

An old school friend had one of those "TOTP" LP's with a version of "Pretty Vacant" on it. I keep looking for that one but no luck yet! Wasn't there one with "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" too?

Rupert Cook said...

Not sure but I'm sure there's one with Death Disco on. And we have one with Young Parisians on. The very late ones do fetch reasonable prices. I think the law of diminishing returns was having its effect by then so they probably had a laugh covering bizarre records.