Sunday, January 25, 2009


Seller requires information. Wants to know how much the English McCoy single is worth. My response, "name your price, I'll see if I can match it." Too late. The seller put it on ebay and offers flooded in. The seller yanked it off ebay and despatched it to Japan pocketing £237 thereby depriving the indie community of a ferocious bidding war. Nobody had a chance to place an opening bid. An instant £237 is good but a patient £300 is far better.


45 Revolutions said...

Pfff... I hate it when sellers 'end the auction early', cos what the fuck are they thinking about?? Like, when someone gets in touch and offers some amount to pull the auction and go for a private sale instead, does the seller not realise that the whiole POINT of that offer is so that the bidder doesn't have to match what someone else might pay? It's fucking stupid.

And eBay should suspend a seller who does that - using eBay as, effectively, free advertising, and
depriving them of what would've been a healthy chunk of %-of-final-sale.

Rupert Cook said...

Totally agree. I was angry and frustrated. If I'd seen the listing as soon as it was posted I'd have placed a bid.

This is the second time this has happened to me.

Someone once offered me a substantial sum for an item but I refused to end the auction early and it benefitted me as I made more money anyway.

ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

That sucks! I won a Jeremiahs 12" single before for about $200.00 hard earned cash but the seller suddenly changed his mind for some reason...and the guy worked in the BBC...gggrrrr! Somebody must have offered him twice the amount! I hope you fimd a box of those somewhere! hehehe!



Rupert Cook said...

I have a spare Jeremiahs 12". How much will you offer me? Bear in mind that any money you offer may be used in future bidding against you.

45 Revolutions said...

Jeremiahs, Rupert? I'll give you $50, but only if you sell it to me now and don't offer it to anyone else. Yes, $50, I can Paypal immediately, but you mustn't offer it for sale to anyone else or I won't want it. Let me know, buddy. I will buy your Jeremiahs 12" for $50, I can Paypal immediately, please don't offer it to anyone else, OK, buddy? Or I won't want it.

Rupert Cook said...

You can't have it.
Too late I've offered it to someone
else and it's sullied now.

Unknown said...

I've got a McCoy 12' for sale here

dan king said...

7" of this record on ebay now!!