Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EYE ON EBAY-----Popclassics on parade

Four Popclassics items to savour. This seller has some interesting stuff and we'll start with the most controversial. According to Popclassics this single by Surreal Modern Musik was released in the UK in 1979. If so why is it not in 45 Revs? Seeing as one side is called Lust Of Berlin and they spell music with a K maybe it's a German release. Sold for £32.09.


Next is definitely a pop classic. The Shadowfax single about reds under the beds and in sheds and advancing on homesteads nets Popclassics a respectable £79.38.


I have no idea who You was but interest peaked at £22.07. Issued in 1980 on Ram/SRT. Any info is welcome.


And lastly the biggest moneymaker, the Gobblinz single London issued on Pinnacle in 1979. This unsurprisingly zoomed into three figures, final price £132.



Low Down Kids said...

'Surreal Modern Muzik': this is the single (in the book) by Neu Electric.

Rupert Cook said...

That sorts that problem out. One day I'll catch 45 Revs out.

garychching said...

I bet you don't