Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------A Gyppo on Baker Street

Gyppo single which Gerry Rafferty and mates knocked off when they got bored making pleasant music for the wine bar set. High Rise Love is the killer track but I'd never want to pay £175.02 for any record Rafferty was involved in.



Low Down Kids said...

To be fair, Raffers wasn't involved himself. Well, only in that the reason they recorded this in the first place, apparently, was cos they were all present-and-correct in the studio, awaiting Raffers, but he was late showing up.

Have you seen the posting on my blog of the test-tone on the B-side of the white-label? It's totally KBD.

Rupert Cook said...

Just been to your blog.
How are you coping with this East Coast Angels news?
I feel your pain.
Can't believe this hasn't turned up on ebay in recent years. 500 pressed, someone somewhere must have one to sell.

Low Down Kids said...

My East Coast Angels pain has dimmed a little since yesterday... but only because of the medication and the fact that Jeremy from SingSing has promised to leave me his entire record collection should anything, you know, untoward happen to him. Which we pray it doesn't, of course, but excuse me while a make a few phone calls and finish this extension to my record shelving.

Rupert Cook said...


I just won the Sex, Violence And Eternal Truth EP on ebay. The What To Wear track is great. Bet you wish the money I paid for it was heading for your pocket. I finally win something from Lpman.

Low Down Kids said...

You outbid me!

BTW, the WTW "Casual But Smart" EP was recorded with the band (only two at a time, mind, cos there was no more room) in a genuine coal-shed attached to a mid-terraced house, with the 'control-room' in a caravan parked in the front yard. The track on the V/A EP was recorded straight-to-stereo... it was a 16 track studio, but the engineer was refusing to use the 16-track machine!

Rupert Cook said...

I outbid you. Surely you jest, surely you own a copy and if not, surely I have you to thank for that final sale price.

The What To Wear track is what I wanted the single for if that makes you feel any better. Didn't need the sixteen tracks to make it a classic.