Thursday, January 24, 2008


5 My Bloody Valentine : Strawberry Wine

Fara, Twickenham. I feel I've deprived a Romanian of a month's wages. I've just been flicking through an unkempt pile of 12"'s and I've uncovered this. I stare at it and then check to see if it's on the Lazy label. It is. Flutter this in front of a flush MBV fanatic and they could be persuaded to part with £50. Next to me a fellow scavenger is examining a Lou Reed LP with unrestrained glee. I contaminate his happiness by informing him of my amazing find. I can see the eighties, in collecting terms, have yet to happen him. Suddenly a Shop Assistants LP is in my grubby paws. Oooh, I'll have that too. Other records appear which I gather up in my loving arms, a Sinister Cleaners 12" and a couple of compilations. Mr. 70's man is entangled with unremarkable Reed and Hendrix LP's while I carry my booty over to the till. "How much are these?" "Oh, we're trying to shift those quickly. 25p each will do." Somewhere in a Romanian backwater a man is selling a kidney and I feel responsible.


John Parkes said...

Hello! John ex-Sinister Cleaners would just like to congratulate you on your good taste!

Rupert Cook said...

I have two of your 12"s.Hasn't your ex band got a compilation CD coming out?

Andrew Middleton said...

Yes! See (whilst waiting 20 years to release the compilation we learnt how to use Google Alerts to find the people whispering our name!). Thanks for the mention.