Friday, February 1, 2008


Cancer Research always has a sizeable stock of LP's and singles. Rarely anything startling turns up. Finding a Zoomiz single last year was greeted with moderate glee. I had it already but I bought it for launching into the ebay arena. Today I uncover a 12" by the Clay People. It's from 1987, is on Hectic records and mentions a chap called Ray Davis on the dull sleeve. Interest tweaked I part with 75p. This Ray Davis helped mix and produce it. I play it and it ponderously crawls from the speakers. An unobtrusive little morsel, not suitable for the gourmet palate. Wreaths And Seashells is the best track but that title promised so much more. Hectic Babble is neither hectic nor cannon-spat chatter. Mark E. Smith could have worked wonders with a title like that.


filo4590 said...

Do you mean Raymond Douglas Davies? Aka, Ray Davies. Who is this Ray Davis? Should i be looking for his records? Are they any good? Where do you find them?

Rupert Cook said...

Ray Davis,no e. He might be a kink in the time space continuum.