Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Having received two amazing indiepop cd compilations from a fellow collector in Canada I felt I had no choice but to bid for one of the bands featured thereon. Late last year I won a Potting Sheds 7" and their East Anglian Inspiral Carpetishness seduced me. The 12" appeared on ebay about a week after I received the two cd comps and I was prepared for rampant bidding. Indeed some familiar names laid down their money but only one sent waves of anxiety pulsating through me; his name, Atichon. We've traded cyber blows before and we've both experienced fabulous financial outlay due to the unchecked enthusiasm of the other. It was a cordial battle and neither of us harassed the other into parting with an avalanche of coinage. Well, the final total fell far short of three figures.

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