Friday, July 25, 2008

Turntable Revolution Mixtape 1 Revolving


Tracklisting For Mixtape 1 (To Listen - Press The Play Button)

1. Heavenly - C Is the Heavenly Option
2. The Wave Pictures - Strange Fruit For David
3. The Sea Urchins - Summershine
4. Daniel Johnston - Fish
5. The Indelicates - America
6. O Level - Pseudo Punk
7. A Classic Education - Lovers Barricade
8. Desperate Bicycles - I Am Nine
9. Vivian Girls - Tell The World
10. The Field Mice - Sensitive
11. Joanna Newsome - Sprout And The Bean
12. Razorcuts - I'll Still Be There
13. Shop Assistants - Safety Net
14. My Bloody Valentine - Lovelee Sweet Darlene
15. Wolfhounds - The Anti-Midas Touch
16. Astronauts - Back Soon
17. Potting Sheds - Happy Again
18. Amy And The Angels - I Hate Being In Love
19. Grown Up Strange - A Wing And A Prayer
20. No Entry Band - Cold And Lonely Life


James D said...

Everyone describes that No Entry Band EP as 'folky' sounding. I'd never heard it, but when I asked guitarist Kenneth Little he said 'uptempo new wave nonsense'. I recently found a copy and side one sounded, well, 'folky' and a bit dull (though it's growing on me). Side two on the other hand is excellent. "I'd Like To Think..." is like a Doug Yule fronted Velvets mellow pop song. On "Cold And Lonely Life", I can kind of hear what Kenneth was getting at, but there is a bit of a proto-C86 thing going on too.

Haven't listened to this yet, but I will. Any mixtape that has "Safety Net" followed by "Lovelee Sweet Darlene" deserve some attention.

ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

Hey Rupert!
I didn't even have to drink my morning coffee as the tape had the same effect on me! I hope this is not the same tape you promised to send me, er, a long long time ago!? hahaha! I like that "A Wing and A Prayer" too and the other version of the song in the Ugly Man single! I'm looking forward to MixTape number two! Cheers!