Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Das Schnitz was a band formed at Torquay Boys Grammar School. They crossed the sexual divide and played a fifteen minute gig at the girls grammar school. In early 1979 Ellie Jay helped them attain immortality by pressing 533 of their only single. About 100 of the singles had sleeves "designed" by the band, they couldn't afford proper sleeves so they bought a large quantity of unused ones and scribbled their name on them. Blondie, Funkadelic and Chaka Khan were a few of the artists that had their sleeves doctored. Despite the "support" of those famous pop stars their notoriety remained rooted in the Torquay area.
Appearing sleeveless on ebay the single sold for a paltry £63.90. Those with sleeves usually sell nearer the £100 mark.

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