Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Machines aggressive muddily-produced True Life ep accrues £83.25. If you want a taste of the Machines I suggest you buy the compilation Bored Teenagers 4 on Bin Liner records which also contains the amusing Public Pisstake and a powerpop classic by the Elevators.


James D said...

The back of The Machines sleeve proudly states 'recorded in a half hour at 8 quid an hour'. These days, for us it's 8 minutes of music at roughly 10 quid per minute! ...inflation's a bastard!!

Rupert Cook said...

But house prices are going down, so why can't rare punk vinyl? When is the recession going to strike ebay?

garychching said...

Hi Rupert just posted "Igenerents". Thanks again.

Also added you as a link, apologies for not doing so before, I only just realised I hadn't.

All the best Gary