Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Turntable Revolution Record Collection 17


45 Revolutions said...

Miss Kate was until recently thought, by them as whose wot job it is to know these things, not to actually exist. A number of copies have been unearthed recently though, so we can all get at it. Not sure that musically it lives up to the lofty legend Mario and I had created for it in our little bubble-world but anyway... Interestingly, word is that Miss Kate was a project involving Linder, she of Ludus etc: although an official TJM voice has echoed this, Linder says no.

Rupert Cook said...

Copies have turned up as it has appeared on ebay at least twice in the last month. I can vouch for that having won one of those copies myself. It was the description in 45 Revolutions that inspired me to get it. I prefer the B side which I suspect the girlfriend will enjoy.