Friday, October 31, 2008


1 Friends Of The Bride : You Can't Take Him Anywhere
2 Friends Of The Bride : So....You Think You Can Dance?
3 School : Let It Slip
4 Milky Wimpshake : Itchy Feet On A Tuesday Night
5 Stricken City : Tak O Tak
6 Vivian Girls : Tell The World
7 Friends Of The Bride : Buckle Up! Sunshine
8 Desperate Bicycles : Skill
9 Discount Chiefs : Trumpets Will Blow
10 Shapiros : Gone By Fall
11 Northern Portrait : The Fallen Aristocracy
12 Alphabeat : Boyfriend
13 Los Campesinos : My Year In Lists
14 Tiberius' Minnows : Time Flies
15 Ladyhawke : Paris Is Burning
16 Clientele : What Goes Up
17 Gobblinz : London
18 Able : Regressing To Sixteen
19 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Come Saturday
20 Cindy And The Barbi Dolls : In Silence

Green numbers indicate new entries.


Federica Pulla said...

My goodness!

I have just discovered your blog and ... well ... we've got sooooo many records in common!

Wow! My twin soul in the UK!

Rupert Cook said...

We do have such similar taste. Having visited your blog my only regret is my inability to understand Spanish.

Federica Pulla said...

Well... my blog is not a musical blog as such ... I talk about different subjects (mainly my point of view about the state of things as seen by a forty-something) and include some songs related to it at the end of each entry and ... yes ... it is written in Spanish, as I live in Madrid and it is aimed at a Spanish audience.

By the way, do get in touch if you decide to come to Madrid so that I can show you our second hand paradises!

Rupert Cook said...

Hey, I've been to Madrid a few times though not recently. I have a Spanish friend who lives there. I met her in England many years ago. I had no idea there were any great second hand places but if and when I go to Madrid I shall definitely be asking for advice from you.