Friday, February 6, 2009

EYE ON EBAY--------Crocodile bite not so soft.

Among intelligent men it is an indisputable belief that Dirty Dancing is a dreadful film. That's not remarkable but this is: the Suede Crocodiles single selling for £331. Does the winning bidder expect the world to end within the next few weeks? Last time this had an outing on ebay it sold for just over £90. And to think I saw it in MVE fifteen years ago for a £1.


45 Revolutions said...

The photo on the eBay auction shows the record placed on a radiator. I've got mine on, blasting. Hope he hasn't. Or if he has, I hope he doesn't take too long with the snapping.

Rupert Cook said...

Maybe the record was originally warped and he's trying to level it out :)

I'm still in shock over the price paid for this. I know if it turns up in MVE they'll put £10 on it at most as it's not listed in the RRPG
(unless it's in the new edition).