Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EYE ON EBAY---------More piss, vicar.

Ipman 13 must be buried under an avalanche of cash. The Grout single on the wonderfully named Urinating Vicar records brought him another huge payout of £763.57. Only a hundred copies pressed, what you get is basic no frills punk judging by the two tracks I've heard, Cremation At Belsen and Fast Cars (not the Buzzcocks song), which are all energy and endeavour if not that tuneful. The EP was reissued a few years back if you're not prepared to dip into your pension money.



James D said...

Where's lpman getting all this shit from?

He recently sold the 3rd Horrorcomic for a similar price, or 'Horriorcomic' as he put it. Why can't a less high profile seller from the UK make the same spelling error so I can swoop without the big hitters spotting it!

Rupert Cook said...

Ha,ha. I noticed that mistake too and wondered if it would affect the price.

Most of the time he gets premium prices. I tried to win Das Schnitz off of him but it sold for more than usual. Plus you have to pay ridiculous postage prices, he charges about £11.