Monday, February 2, 2009

EYE ON EBAY---------Pump up the wheels

New Cross New Cross, this EP is so good they named it twice. Whereas their abilities are stretched a little too far for a whole LP, the Desperate Bicycles brand of low fi eccentricity suits a six track EP. By now the eddies of originality they had sent rippling through pop's stagnant pool were beginning to, if not capsize a few lifeboats, at least make them rock. None of the six tracks on this EP can steal the yellow jersey from The Medium Was Tedium but there's no lack of flirt and flounce amongst the ire and outrage aimed at the status quo (not the band). Another one from the Ipman 13 collection and fetched him a high price of nearly £60.

And here's what their fascinating, if flawed, LP sold for.

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