Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ipman 13 strikes again. Everybody knows that the Incredible Kidda Band generate wild bidding especially when this single turns up with a picture sleeve. £437.28 was the final price which is probably more than anyone from their home town Nuneaton earns in a month.

Meanwhile back in the UK the Northatitsheight reels in £115 for their second single released under the name Kidda Band.


bristolboy said...

amazing how much money some people will spend (i was lucky with "everybody knows" picking it up at a fair a few years back for £25 in better condition than the one that just sold - & yes it was the original & not the bootleg
(strange that lpman seems to be selling off all his stuff, as he was always one of the big bidders about 2 years ago - many a time I was beaten by him-)

Rupert Cook said...

I'm envious of you getting it for £25. I thought I had the A side on a comp but I can't find it.

I'll try to get the Detour comp on vinyl.

bristolboy said...

have a follow of this link

nice profit!!!!