Thursday, February 26, 2009


Apparently this single by the Lemons is rare indie twee. I feel like an acidic rugby ball-shaped fruit for not knowing anything about it. Help me somebody.


bristolboy said...

both tracks are more of a ska/powerpop cross (female vocal). I wouldn't say that they fall into the twee bracket!!
I seem to remember that the race records label was something to do with one of "the specials" - but I may be wrong.
most (if not all) things on this label are reggae/ska tinged

Rupert Cook said...

Thanks. I'm a fan of a female vocal but am a little cautious when ska flirts with powerpop. It can be so horrible.

45 Revolutions said...

It's Darryl from The Favourites, isn't it?

bristolboy said...

you're right I does appear to be Mr Hunt himself on bass

still not as good as either of the favourites 45's