Saturday, July 4, 2009

EYE ON EBAY---Hit the road Jack Kerouac.

From the Hypstr66 collection comes Nicky Beat And The Beatniks. 45 Revs likens them to the Desperate Bicycles in their amateurishness which had my bidding finger twitching. Such comparisons though remind me that nobody is equal to the Bikes and if I won said item I'd be constantly disappointed every time I read Mr 45 Revs' description. What also dissuaded me was the final price of £81.


Low Down Kids said...

I wouldn't have said that the record was all that Desperates-like. Some of the entries/comparisons in the book (the ones I wrote) are 100% scientifically certifiable, stand on me, but it's always gotta be a good idea to actually hear these things for yourself before whacking down a big chunk of change, just in case. One man's 'powerpop' is another man's 'vaguely new wavish MOR rock, with keyboards and the odd beard' so, you know... Plus, there are so many places to hear mp3s these days that buying something blind (or, well, 'deaf', I suppose) really isn't necessary.

bristolboy said...

I agree with LDK that the term powerpop is well over-used (I guess I'm as guilty as everyone else here) It now seems to cover everything from "60's sounding" to "pop punk" + a multitude of sins in between.

still..... all three tracks have a certain naive charm (maybe even melody) & I'd recommend them --- I'd say they are a more accessible/poppier swell maps --- at the risk of offending swell maps fans ---

Worthless Trash said...

You can hear the Nicky Beat songs here

"Split Second Love" is my pick. And no, I wouldn't compare it to the Bikes either.

Rupert Cook said...

They are also compared to the TVP's and that seems a more likely comparison if I accept Bristolboy's assessment.
Certainly agree that powerpop is an easy term to hang on so many unlikely bands. I've seen Eat At Joes described as such and after buying one of their singles in a charity shop I'd stongly disagree. A dire dirge would be more appropriate.
Thanks for the link WT.