Friday, July 24, 2009


Between the numerous giant opaque clouds I caught a glimmer of light and, dodging raindrops, dived into a charity shop or nine. The paucity of vinyl in Cancer Research and the Shooting Star Hospice encourages one to speculate on a vinyl revival. Every couple of years the press hark on about the revivification of vinyl and plodding through puddles from one CD-saturated charity shop to the next I felt it likely such a piece would surface in the Guardian or Times in the coming weeks. Along with the copious CD's a worrying abundance of ignominious dance 12"'s are now the inevitable unwanted guests; they are the 21st century equivalent of all those queasy listening LP's by that bearded party-lover James Last that choked charity shop doorways back in the nineties. I have often wondered what kind of people would zombify their guests with Last's listless renditions of pop standards; surely the sort of parties that only exist in Two Ronnies sketches in which one of the Ronnies casts impure glances at some airbrushed blonde the BBC has plucked from a Top Of The Pops LP sleeve.

But I digress and I can almost hear your gruff impatient voices yelling at me, demanding an explanation for all this inane chittering. This prevarication is pure indulgence, me savouring a moment, extending my pleasure as far as I feel I can keep your attention but now I cease my teasing. I found a Fantastic Something LP for a £1. No that's not it, though it is true. However, more amazingly, I found an Idle Race LP called Time Is for £1, listed at £130 in the RRPG. And it doesn't stop there, I also scooped up a single by a band called Track 4 of whom I know nothing, but it's also listed in the RRPG at a staggering £100.


Low Down Kids said...

Hmmm... feasty.

Of the three I'd go with the 'Something. Then Idle Race, despite the spectre of Jeff Lynne, then Track 4. By the way, does your Track 4 have a cloudiness on the vinyl? Many do. If no-cloudy, an even toppier score. Nice one.

Raining here.

Rupert Cook said...

It's cloudy as if it fell in a puddle. Fantastic Something is the best of the bunch, once again proving that value rarely reflects the quality of the music.

At least by then the Idle Race was Lynne-less though his presence might have injected a little more of a pop sensibility into what is a fairly ordinary LP.

45 Revolutions said...

On the Fantastic Something tip, have you heard Magna Carta? I know, I know, but just go here:

...and tell me "Airport Song" isn't cut from the same cloth.

Don't develop a scavenge-lust for Vertigo though, it'll only end in tears.