Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EYE ON EBAY------Another Brix in the fall?

Apologies for the headline and for disappointing any visiting Fall fans. Brix was a band from Lincolnshire who released this powerpop/new wave in 1983 on Marco records. All this info I gleaned from the seller, as to the authenticity of any of the aforementioned your guess is as good as mine. I know nothing of this band but this release intrigues me. Sold for £46.03.



bristolboy said...

I suspect that was due to my second highest bid - the crossroads theme intro had my interest piqued (the info on bored teenagers did nearly put me off though) -

Rupert Cook said...

After a visit to Bored Teenagers sounds like it might appeal to me.
Wouldn't have paid that much for it anyway.