Wednesday, December 23, 2009


1 M J Hibbett : Fucking Hippy
2 Black And White Lovers : Best Years Of Our Lives
3 Up And Running : Johnny And Marie
4 Dislocation Dance : Violette
5 Sex Clark Five : You Left The Lights On In Your Eyes
6 Allo Darlin' : Henry Rollins Don't Dance
7 Royston : Snake's Song
8 Cavalcade : Voices
9 Royston : Gerald's Eyes
10 Baby Jane Holzer : Nowhere
11 Different Eyes : Open The Box
12 Read All Over : Outside To The Other World
13 35 Summers : I Didn't Try
14 Days : Jigsville
15 Corvettes : Love To Hate You
16 Different Eyes : Uncomfortable
17 Girls At Dawn : Every Night
18 New Walk : Pressure Point
19 Love Train : Rags To Riches To Rags
20 Beware The Dog : Nasty Things

Green numbers indicate new entries.


MJ Hibbett said...

I don't think I've ever been at number one in a chart before! Thanks!!

Rupert Cook said...
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Rupert Cook said...

Can I be the only one who recognises this man's genius?

Brendan said...

Dear Rupert,

How do you compile these charts. Are they what you are presently listening to, or based on rarity of the disc, or what? Would love to know.

Best wishes

Rupert Cook said...

Usually what I'm presently listening to hence the inclusion of records that date back to pre- CD days.
Often feature records I've bought in the last few weeks which suggests I buy lots of records. I do!