Monday, January 11, 2010

EYE ON EBAY----Overcooked indie from East Anglia

One wonders if the sole bidder of this item knew the legendary Potting Sheds featured on this comp, pleasantly named Burn It To A Crisp, a practice witches suffered at the hands of suspicious yokels in East Anglia, oh, only several decades back. Subtitled A Taste Of The Norfolk and North Suffolk Indie Scene because hey, "we wouldn't want any of those talentless South Suffolk sorts spoiling our buzz with their inferior indie", it is liberally littered with inferior indie. At the time though, circa 1990, this probably had pre-grunge kids yelling insults and bragging about Insanglia (as opposed to Madchester) across the fens as the rest of England took a giant-sized E and floundered on the dancefloor like a broken Bez. Sold for £4.99, about what I paid for it.

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