Monday, January 25, 2010


1 Hardy Boys : Plink Plonk Fizz
2 Form : Watch Out
3 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
4 Next Time Passions : Not Here Anymore
5 Cold Comfort : Really Really Don't Mind
6 M J Hibbett : Clubbing In The Week
7 Nightingales : Devil In The Detail
8 Cavalcade : Voices
9 Codeine Velvet Club : Hollywood
10 M J Hibbett : Fucking Hippy
11 High And Dry : Rising Waves
12 Aces And Eights : Hard Luck Stories
13 Baby Jane Holzer : Nowhere
14 Days : Jigsville
15 Sex Clark Five : You Left The Light On In Your Eyes
16 Shattered Dreams : Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
17 Up And Running : Johnny And Marie
18 Dislocation Dance : Violette
19 New Walk : Shape Of Things To Come
20 Allo Darlin' : Henry Rollins Don't Dance

Green numbers indicate new entries.


BrianRix said...

Hi, thanks for this great website dedicated to Jangle POP and C 86. I really agree to most stuff in your Top 70, but I miss a few, including Hurrah "Hip-Hip", Passmore Sisters "Dance this house down", English McCoy "Give me something to believe in", Laugh "Paul Mc Cartney" (, Episode 4 "Strike up matches", The Chesterfields "Sweet Revenge", Reserve "Two hearts beat in a hole", April Showers "Abandon Ship" and The Gol Gappas "Dinner with Nougat".
I´m glad that I picked up most stuff until the Internet and Ebay killed Record Shops and Fairs.
If you get the chance, you should check out German Band New Colours. Awesome mid 80´s stuff. Take care. Christian from Cologne.

Rupert Cook said...

At the time I did my top 70 I didn't know the English McCoy song. I think now it would be in there around no.37.

"Abandon Ship" was released on a major label which is why it didn't feature. Contenders had to be on indie labels.

You mention some other good songs. I like the Gol Gappas and Chesterfields very much but that Episode 4 single remains out of reach on my cautious budget.

I like the New Colours. I have one LP by them.I intend to get the other one when it next appears on ebay or somewhere similar.

All the best.

BrianRix said...

Dear Rupert, I have to admit that the Episode 4 is one of the few C 86 items left on my Want List. I give it a regular play on my iPod though.
All the best