Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EYE ON EBAY-----A message to you, Rudi

Pete Newnham's Rudi zooms into three figures and halts at £131. If you're itching to hear the A side I point you towards Bored Teenagers Volume 5 comp on Bin Liner. Plenty of other bruising punk wails to enjoy by the likes of the Negatives, Blitz, Rezizters and the Rats.


bristolboy said...

ah! - a nice tune (that sadly does not reside in my collection - Yet!) but one of his that does is "Tiger Ashby" with "jet free" - it's one that can still be found for around a tenner on the various sites & is well worth a punt

Rupert Cook said...

Thanks for the tip.
Of course now you've mentioned it on this world famous blog it'll probably treble in price :)