Friday, May 7, 2010


1 Cavalcade : Meet You In The Rain
2 Gross Club : Second Chance
3 Gits : Too Many People
4 Shimura Curves : Stronger
5 Betty And The Werewolves : David Cassidy
6 Blood Red Shoes : You Bring Me Down
7 Ethnobabes : My Friend Ann
8 Screaming Silence : Same Old Story
9 Orange : Judy Over The Rainbow
10 Cradleyard : Alone
11 Colenso Parade : Fontana Eyes
12 Dum Dum Girls : Jail La La
13 Bluetrain : Land Of Gold
14 Cavalcade : This Silent Town
15 Bassholes : Moody
16 Lucky Soul : One Kiss Don't Make A Summer
17 Escorts : Bingo
18 Deep Freeze Mice : Neuron Music
19 Hardy Boys : Let The World Smother You
20 Dadistics : Modern Girl

Green numbers indicate new entries


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bristolboy said...

gross club - love that track (apparently one of the band is now a well respected dentist in the posh end of town) but that's only hearsay!!!

Rupert Cook said...

That Gross Club single was my last ever purchase in Minus Zero/Standout record shop. £50 it set me back, the most I've ever paid for one item in there. It had come in about a week ago. A fine farewell from a legendary shop.

bristolboy said...

with it's b/w photocopy pic stuck on to a white inner I hope! or maybe the only ever seen once band "colour sleeve"

Rupert Cook said...

Yeh, that delicious bum shot is glued to an inner. Possibly the most unattractive sleeve ever.