Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Not an offshoot of the Cortinas, the Escorts was a less prolific brand made in the powerpop mould. A rare model, their only single was seldom seen and some doubted its existence. The Escorts was manufactured in Melbourne, Derbyshire and only a few hundred miles worth of gigs were clocked up before the engine went phut. Bingo is a cry of despair, an outrage at the rise of the bingo hall, usually at the expense of the local cinema, which broke out like a plague of boils on a seventies Britain that eyed culture with contempt and suspicion. Team this up with The Fall's Bingo Master's Breakout, Mr DJ, and be the envy of the lone geek exiled in anorak corner at some cool retro club.

Band members were Dave T vocals, Bob W guitar, Anthony G bass and Andrew S drums. The record was released in 1980 or thereabouts on Rainbow Sound, the name of the studio in Nottingham where it was recorded.

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bristolboy said...

I love this song, it gets better everytime I hear it

Rupert Cook said...

I agree. I played it three times yesterday.