Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EYE ON EBAY-----Never had a haircut in his favourite shirt

Mr.Boogaloo sells some interesting private pressings. Despite spending two hours coating my fingers in stubborn dust whilst rooting through his unloved boxes of indie/powerpop singles this single by Nick Haward, Grey Day/Watching Through My Window, evaded capture. Obviously he has a secret chamber where he keeps his more interesting stuff. Nick appears to have originated from the Southwold area of Suffolk; I suspect there's a junk shop in the vicinity that's overflowing with gently crushed copies of Nick's single. Sold for £42.89, possibly because bidders confused Mr Haward with his near namesake Nick Heyward.


bristolboy said...

don't know about the dust - it's the musty smell that some of the boxes have, that gets me

Rupert Cook said...

Oh yes, the musty smell. That's another dubious joy of the whole experience.

Mr.Boogaloo didn't even play music to distract me, he was listening to the women's Wimbledon semi final.