Friday, October 8, 2010


1 Betty & The Werewolves : Paper Thin
2 Frazers : Get It Right
3 Tantara Blade : Seven Shades Of Shame
4 Like : He's Not A Boy
5 Laughing Apple : Participate!
6 Jangletties : Happy All The Time
7 Passengers : Hell To Heaven
8 Stripes : One Step Ahead
9 Attic : The Final Thrill
10 Tantara Blade : This Car Has Crashed
11 Summer Camp : Round The Moon
12 Veronica Falls : Beachy Head
13 Hit Parade : I Like Bubblegum
14 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : Say No To Love
15 Locals : You Never Have Fun
16 Absolute Albert : Noises
17 Elevators : Making Love To Graham
18 Sleepovers : Secret
19 Tunnelrunners : Plastic Land
20 Frazers : Selfish

Green numbers indicate new entries.


bristolboy said...

ooooh - the stripes have made an appearance (has someone been spending too much money on ebay again!!)

Worthless Trash said...

Jangletties (nice name), is that a Flatmates cover?

Rupert Cook said...

The Jangletties was a Messthetics type band who released a single on Eskimo Vinyl around 1981/2. They came from London and appear on the Messthetics cd devoted to London bands. I was surprised when I was the only bidder for this. Rather great skronky post punk pop. So not a Flatmates cover and the Flatmates didn't cover them.

Yes I did win it on ebay and it wasn't too cheap.

Worthless Trash said...

Aaah! New one on me. I should probably buy some of those more recent Messthetics CD's.

...just noticed it's listed in Volume!