Thursday, January 6, 2011

EYE ON EBAY---------Expensive angels

Having not yet located the Holy Grail this will have to suffice as a replacement which, in indiepop circles, it most certainly is. The Wee Cherubs supped from a similar chalice to fellow Scots Orange Juice if a little more anaemic in sound but that might be down to the rather primitive production. The single was released on Bogaten, according to the catalogue number the second release on said label, so what was the first? Apparently, due to lack of sales, several hundred copies of the single were dumped so estimates vary about how many exist but I'd guess around 600. Having won the single a few weeks back for a hefty £381 I was mildly miffed to see this copy undercut my winning bid by £16 (for those lacking a mathematical brain the sale price was £365). Listening to it I almost conjured up my former malnutritioned indie kid self though once it ended I noted that my middle age protuberance still jutted gently outward. If you wish to hear unreleased Wee Cherubs stuff plus Dreaming get yourself off to Youtube.

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Fire Escape said...

The first Bogaten release was by Apes In Control