Thursday, April 28, 2011

EYE ON EBAY------Religious man gets the bill

Are we being misled here? The Monk Bought Lunch is apparently a C86 humdinger that ardent fans of indiepop must own. Three tracks, Love And Hate, Paint It White ( perhaps an answer record to the old Stones classic ) and The Sailor's Tilted Hat ( some sort of secret homosexual code perhaps ) struck a jaunty chord with a few and so this independently released 7" from 1991 sold for £122.

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23 Daves said...

Bloody hell - I own a copy of this (or at least I hope I still do, pretty sure it's being stored in a box somewhere) and it was only through googling it out of curiosity just now that I realised people were prepared to pay such high prices for it.

I can enlighten you. The Monk Bought Lunch were a one-off project for Andy Hayes, a Southend based producer and performer whose most well known group were "Is She Weird?" I loved the Weirds and used to regularly attend their gigs, and one day their bass player thrust a copy of this single in my hand. "It's something Andy did a few years back," I was told, "he recorded this and pressed up a few copies and mostly gave them away to friends. He's not very happy with it now, though, so he's just giving them away to people and throwing them away".

I really don't know how many copies were pressed, but it's probably as little as 100-500. And irrespective of Andy's worries, it is a good little single. Not earth-shattering, but good. The unreleased Is She Weird? album contains far better material, though.