Friday, March 23, 2012

Cheap travel in Venice assured

Mysterious band from Stafford with a ridiculous name. Previously I wondered whether a bad band name can be an indicator of musical ability. I Know A Gondola Punter are a capable bunch if a little raucous; I'm actually listening to them now having bought the record in Rough Trade about 25 years ago. I think John Peel played them but then he played everything. Credit for them attempting to rhyme acropolis with knees. As you may have surmised there's a streak of humour about their business which leaves you believing you've finally found the missing link between The Fall and I Ludicrous; a link which you never realized you were hunting for. Released on Plop records in 1988 on 10" the Oo Bang Jingly Jang ep contained five songs Mary/Ich Bin/Dance/Shekan/Milk Tray Man. Sold for £90.

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